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The browser on your Android device is an important and must-have application, without which it is impossible to fully use any phone or tablet. The browser is next in importance to the operating system and the app store. The efficiency of working with the tool largely depends on its quality.

Browser for Android is a special application for searching and browsing websites on the screen of a smartphone or tablet using OC Android.

Currently, there are a large number of free browsers. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. If you are tired of the standard web browser and need a more productive counterpart, in this article we have compiled a rating for you of the most popular and high-quality mobile browsers. Based on many tests and reviews, we have chosen the 10 best, most stable, and fastest browsers.

Few people are interested in paid browsers, and we did not take them into account. Our selection includes only known apps that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for free.

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Best Browsers for Android


1. Yandex Browser

Download Yandex Browser

The popular browser from Yandex , blocking shocking, outrageous or dangerous ads. Due to its functionality, speed and capabilities, it boldly takes first place in the ranking.


Voice assistant Alice – he will answer important questions, tell you the weather or the route, determine what is in the picture, enjoy a fairy tale and find anything on the Internet.

Protection Active Protection Technology – warns of dangerous websites and scans downloaded files for viruses.

Adblocking – allows you to get rid of annoying banners on Internet pages.

Additional Support – This allows you to add the tools you need to the browser.

Yandex Zen – displays articles and videos on topics that interest you, and combines them into one feed.

Turbo mode – speeds up the loading of pages, images, and videos in the browser and makes using the Internet comfortable even at low Internet speeds.

Reading mode – removes all interface elements that are not related to an open post (advertisement, site menu, buttons, social widgets, etc.). Only text and illustrations remain on the screen.

Built-in translator – recognizes pages written in foreign languages ​​and translates them into Russian with one click.

Incognito Mode – At this point, the browser does not save passwords, auto-fill data, search queries, and browsing history.

Backgrounds – allow you to change the appearance of the new tabs to your taste.

2. Google Chrome Google Chrome

Top 10 Android Browsers

The convenient, fast and secure Google Chrome browser is rightfully in second place. It is specially made for Android. Chrome offers personalized news, quick access to any site, content downloads, as well as a built-in search and translator.


Translator – the ability to translate entire web pages with one click.

Personal recommendations – the browser remembers and takes your interests into account. When you open a new tab, you will see the selected articles based on your browsing history.

Simplified Mode – Compresses text, images, videos, and websites without losing quality, allowing you to save up to 60% of traffic.

One-touch access to content – Simply tap on a word or phrase to find it on Google without leaving the original tab.

Voice Control – Find the information you need on Google using voice search.

Offline Mode – allows you to download videos, photos, and entire web pages with one touch. All downloaded files are saved and made available offline.

Safe Browsing – If you try to open a dangerous site or download a suspicious file in Chrome, a warning will appear.

Incognito Mode – Pages opened in this tab are not saved to your browsing history.

Data sync – When you sign in to Chrome, your bookmarks, passwords, and settings are automatically synced and available across all your devices.

3. UC Browser

Top 10 best browsers for Android phones

Free web browser for Android with responsive content, fast loading, data saving, and ad blocking, known to users as “Squirrel Browser”. You can watch videos, listen to music, and other information freely while protecting personal privacy. UC Browser provides a smooth browsing experience with less data consumption.


Exclusive Embedded Content – ​​The browser understands what you want and customizes content for you, including traditional media and popular entertainment portals.

Fast Boot is a feature that speeds up and stabilizes downloads. If it fails, UC Browser will continue to download from the breakpoint.

Smooth user interface – quick display of search results, instant access to social networks, internet searches, and entertainment.

Data saver – compresses data, speeds up navigation, and helps save traffic.

Adblocker – protects you from pop-up ads and ads that affect page loading.

Video Mode – This allows you to watch movies and series. The videos are divided into categories in the list and everyone can find a video to their liking.

Facebook Mode – This feature speeds up Facebook regardless of your network status.

Night Mode – This allows you to read more comfortably at night. Incognito Mode – Protects personal privacy without displaying history or data.

Sync across all devices – Sync history, bookmarks, and open tabs on any smartphone or tablet.

4 opera opera . browser

download opera browser

A fast and secure browser with built-in VPN support, it will be a great choice for full web browsing on your Android mobile device.


Ad Blocking – Helps hide intrusive banners and load pages faster.

Free VPN – In private mode, your IP address will be replaced with a virtual address, preventing sites from tracking your real location.

Custom News Feed – Creates a selection of news channels in the browser that interest you.

Night Mode – This setting provides comfortable reading in the dark, relieving eye strain.

Password Manager – Automatically save passwords and payment information when you shop online.

Private Browsing – Access any website without leaving traces of your visit on your device.

Comfortable reading – Custom text size combined with automatic hyphenation to adapt pages to your preference.

Easily manage your downloads – Easily sort, share and delete downloaded files from your phone with one click.

Quick Access Gestures – Instantly start searching, open a private tab, or scan a QR code from your home screen.

Device sync – All your open bookmarks, pages, and tabs are available on all your devices that have the Opera browser installed.

5 Download Firefox browser


A fast, private browser that automatically blocks more than 2,000 trackers that collect various information to display personalized ads that slow down download speeds.


Advanced Tracking Protection – blocks unwanted third-party cookies and ads.

Smart Search – Quick access to shortcuts to find providers, including Wikipedia, Twitter, and Amazon.

Private Browsing – Blocks parts of web pages that monitor your online activity.

Browser add-ons – The ability to customize Firefox with add- ons like ad blockers, password storage, download management, and more.

Share Links – This allows you to easily share links to web pages or items.

Big Screen Sharing – Send video and web content from your smartphone or tablet to any broadcast-enabled TV.

6.DuckDuckGo Browser

DuckDuckGo Browser

Android Browser, focuses on anonymous internet browsing and safe browsing of internet sites, without the risk of confidential data leakage. DuckDuckGo provides all the privacy protection features you need to keep your personal information under control while surfing and surfing the web.


Privacy Protection – Blocks all hidden trackers detected and detects the largest ad networks.

Encryption Protection – Forces sites to use an encrypted connection whenever possible to protect your data.

Anonymous Search – The browser does not customize search results and provides high-quality search results that match your queries.

Privacy Policy Rating – Displays the privacy rating of the sites you visit from A to F.

7Puffin web browser

7Puffin web browser

A very fast, next-generation free web browser with a built-in flash player, with which you can watch any video or play games directly from the browser.


High download speed – Accelerate browsing by moving the load from devices with limited resources to “cloud” servers.

Adobe Flash – Free daytime access to the latest version of Flash Player via the cloud.

Upload files to the Cloud (files up to 1 GB).

Theater Mode – Allows viewing of flash video clips and games.

Virtual joystick – virtual touchpad (mouse simulator).

Color schemes – setting up the toolbar and drop-down menu bar.

Change view – full work with websites (standard view and mobile view).

Incognito Mode – Automatically clean up your activity in the app. get up

8. Dolphin Browser

Dolphin Browser

Another good Android browser with a customizable home page, easy-to-use tabbed browsing, and gesture navigation. High download speeds combined with complete privacy allow Dolphin Browser to provide you with the best browsing experience while being securely protected.


High Speed ​​– The application anticipates your queries and intuitively displays many suggested and previously searched results on search engines.

Smart Features – Create your own ‘gestures’ to access the pages you use most often.

Safe Use – Private Browsing with Tracking Protection blocks parts of web pages that can track your browsing activity.

Easy access – No need to switch between screens, the presence of tabs turns the browser into a full desktop.

Flash Player – Immerse yourself in the world of games and videos with flash support.

Personal Home Page – Customize your browser’s home page by adding and editing sites, apps, and categories.

Synchronization – allows you to easily and quickly synchronize history, bookmarks, and passwords between Android, iPhone, and iPad systems, as well as between popular browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari).

Themes Support – Choose colors, backgrounds, and looks by creating your own browser.

Add-ons – Expand your browser experience with Dolphin add-ons (60+ add-ons).

9. Tor Browser

download tor-browser

The official anonymous mobile browser is powered by the developers of the Tor Project, who created the most powerful tool for freedom and privacy on the Internet.


Tracker Blocking – Isolates all the websites you visit so that third-party trackers and ad units cannot track your activity. Cookies are automatically deleted while browsing.

Monitoring Protection – Prevents the ability to “listen” on your connection. Third parties will not be able to see which resources you visit.

Network Identity Protection – All Tor users on the network are identified in the same way, and as a result, websites cannot create your unique digital profile.

Multilayer Encryption – Your traffic is relayed and encrypted three times as it travels through the Tor network.

Online Freedom – With Tor Browser for Android, you can gain digital freedom and access to websites that are blocked in your country.

10 Brave Browser

Download Brave Browser

A free, fast, secure, and private browser that blocks third-party ads with a built-in blocker. Brave protects you from being tracked by ad companies, malware infections, and pop-ups.


FAST AND SECURE – Enjoy browsing without popups, malware, or other annoyances.

Save battery and data – to reduce page load times, improve performance, and protect against malware-infected ads. Brave Browser speeds up Android 2x-4x while saving mobile data and battery life.

Adblocking – The built-in ad blocker (pop-up blocker) protects you from ads that track your interests while browsing the web.

Automatic AdBlock – Privacy and Security Feature: HTTPS Everywhere, script blocking, blocking 3rd party cookies and private tabs.

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